What is homeopathy?

What is homeopathy high wycombeHomeopathy derives substance from the plant, mineral or animal kingdom, and dilutes them so that the original signature of the substance is still maintained but it is completely safe and non toxic to use. There are literally hundreds of homeopathic remedies all with their own pictures.  

This dilution process causes controversy as to how homeopathy works, and there are number of accepted plausible theories to this effect. In essence there is research to show it works but I don’t think it is yet, truly understood. I have been practising for 11 years and in my experience I have seen many people make improvements and indeed have many testimonials to this effect. Homeopathy can be taken alongside conventional medicine.

Homeopathy for you

Homeopathy’s aim is to treat you, the individual, not your symptoms. Everybody experiences things differently so homeopathic remedies can be individualised.

For example if we take something such as a skin condition, there are many: eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, lichen, molluscum, to name a few.

Homeopathy for youBut nobody presents with these conditions in exactly the same way, they may appear on different parts of the body, some may itch, some maybe caused by a virus, some may be worse at night.

In homeopathy we want to understand those small differences and choose the correct remedy that matches the person not just the symptoms.

During a homeopathic consultation, we are interested in you, we want to understand:

  • your likes and dislikes,
  • your favourite food,
  • what you like to do,
  • any fears you may have,
  • how you sleep and
  • your family history.

We are also interested in your emotional health, and take into account any emotional trauma such as losing a loved one that you may have experienced.

Who has homeopathy

I don’t have typical client. I see anybody from babies to my many older clients.  I use allergy testing as part of a consultation. 

Used alongside conventional medicine, homeopathy can bring relief from many ailments including: IBS, anxiety, asthma, depression, exam stress, fertility, general wellbeing, glandualr fever, hay fever and allergies, headaches and migraines, menopause, night terrors, skin conditions, stress.

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